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Antibot is a free wordpress plugin that blocks all kinds of bad bots crawling your website.

One day when I opened up my website, I saw the message “your website is suspended because the site exceeds the bandwidth limit”. I was confused since my website was a fresh site and had not got much traffic. I logged in the CPanel to investigate what had happened.  The investigation result was astonishing. Awstats showed most of the bandwidth was consumed by  not viewed traffic(Not viewed traffic includes traffic generated by robots, worms, or replies with special HTTP status codes). The “Robots/Spiders visitors” section of awstats report showed many strange robots crawling my websites, consuming a lot of bandwidth. To save my monthly bandwidth and to fight against spammers, content theft, content aggregator, fraud click, I decided to develop a wordpress plugin to deny the robots from accessing my web content. This is the story about the birth of  antibot.

Using anitbot is very simple. After installing and activating antibot, it is done. Antibot silently prevents robots from scraping your website.  You do not need to  configure the  names of bots to be blocked. Antibot has a huge blocked  bot list and the list  is updated from time to time. You do not need to write the complex .htaccess file or robots.txt. By default, antibot only blocks unwanted bad or spam bots and does not block good bots(major search engine bots: Bingbot,Googlebot,Googlebot-Image,msnbot,Yahoo! Slurp) . You can  add additional bots or exclude bots from the default list via the setting page of antibot, by specifying the user agent/referer url/ip address of the bot. You can use wild match for the user agent/referer/ip. You can find the user agent/referer url/ip in the Latest Visitors or awstats report in your CPanel. The “reports” page of antibot will display the statistics of the bots that accessed your website including the ua/referer/ip and the number of visits.

Major features in Antibot 1.0 include:

* Automatically updated bot list.
* Optional user provided bot list.
* Optional user provided excluding bot list.
* Statistics report for bot access.

click here to download antibot

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3 comments on “antibot wordpress plugin
  1. Hi. I added the plugin to my site but I am unable to add any bots to the list of current bots.

    I enter the bots (SemrushBot,rogerbot,AhrefsBot) then I press update but nothing happens.

    I am using the latest version of wordpress.


  2. admin says:

    Hi, do you install the latest antibot? And make sure the bots SemrushBot,rogerbot,AhrefsBot are really sub-strings of the user agents. After you click the update button, the bots are kept in the “add additional bots” box, not in the “default blocked bots” box. You can find the bot access log in the “Reports” section.

  3. O ok I see what you mean. I was looking for them in the default blocked bots: window and when they didn’t display there I thought that it wasn’t working.

    Thanks for the fast reply.

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