Article rewriter – how to survive search engines

The importance of the original article is well known, but few people are willing to keep writing original articles. So article rewriters become more and more popular. The concept of article rewriting evolves  from modifying the beginning/end of  the original article to  synonyms replacement  later. I understand that each SEOer almost all of the challenges to the search engine’s intelligence.
The author once said, you can understand the search engine into a retarded, but don’t take it as an idiot. Then, the spun articles in the end how to write? Or, can make the search engine to accept false original article how to write?
First, the three page elements to be unique. The three elements of Title, keywords, description was a mention, but really good person but not much. A lot of SEOer understanding of these three elements is merely a web site’s home page. But, in fact, the three elements of each page is not the same. Know, spiders crawl crawl a page in page instead of the site) the first to know the information of the page is the three elements, he decided the spider for you this page of the first impression, the spider will according to these three elements to judge you this page is about. Then based on it and the viscosity of the site to give you this page corresponding fraction (or privileges) distribution, and finally the content on the website. You will decide the content page for the website value feedback.
Second, may spin but not may not copy. This is the most difficult and most important. Many of the articles that are rewritten is actually plagiarism, here it is copied, copied a little bit. Many SEOer may say, my article is copied, but the pages still be included. But, over the long term you will find, the weight of your site is always 0, and Baidu for you to access more and less, even into the sand box. A lot of SEOer instead of writing on the web using article rewriter tools, those tools the author to try, they will just find some words translated into synonyms, only this! Like: he will “many” translated into “a lot”, I want to say is, if even the Shanzhai companies so little trick cannot recognize the words, the search engine and why the Internet increasingly competitive intense today foothold?
Third, how to rewrite? In my opinion, this is a very simple question. First of all, the title of the article is determined according to the words of the site. Then enter your title in the Baidu, respectively in web pages and news search content, data collection. Then, the collected data at 5-10 times, record important data, make an outline. Finally, all the data off, according to the above list outline, use your own words to retell all comprehensive data. This article written I believe, with the original similarity of not more than 10%.
Finally, the details of the deal. Many SEOER for details of the key words in bold or add anchor text may is not care, these small said just a small problem. But that big, bold keywords directly determines the influence of keywords for this article, an anchor text can not explain what might, but to know that the chain is composed of by a lot of the anchor text to the accumulation of.
Tip: in fact, many enterprise stand product pages can also understand the article and those pages for the site’s influence far wins news page, because the product page content basically is closely linked with the keywords, so when making the product must pay attention to control. If done well, probably even your web site keywords in the front row is your website’s product page instead of the home page, the site is so many.

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