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The Best Spinner(TBS) is probably the best-selling article spinner in the market.

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For the sake of SEO, you should not publish articles collected from the Internet without any change. Otherwise, your website would be punished by search engines, and get no traffic. However writing original articles is a hard work. Even you take a lot of time creating original posts, google does not necessarily like your articles and all your efforts go down to the drain.

TBS is such a rewriting tool to help you make modifications to  articles(that you scape from the Internet). The principle is simple. TBS has a large synonym thesaurus. The words in the input article that TBS finds synonyms of in the Thesaurus will be replaced with a random synonym so the result article is different from the original one but has the same meaning. Of course TBS is smart enough not to create a syntax-error sentence. The result article is basically readable.

Using TBS is very simple. Run TBS and copy the original  article to the “New Article” box, then you will find some words of the article become italic and some words have underlines. The italic words are those TBS cannot find a synonym for, the words having underlines are phrases that TBS find  synonyms  for, and all other normal words have been identified as having synonyms in the Thesaurus.


Click “Auto Rewrite” button, you will find the article is changed. Many words have been replaced with synonyms, and you get a spun(re-written) article for use either on your website or by seo tools(such as article submitting tools).

Another often used function of TBS is replacing everyone’s favorites. The term Favorite causes a lot of confusion. Basically, a favorite is a set of synonyms (in spintax) for the original word, for example {the very best|the perfect|the best|the easiest} is the favorite of “the very best”. Everyone’s favorites are favorites formed by all TBS users. If you click the “Everyone’s Favorites” button and click “Replace”, TBS will go through the article to identify which words have favorites formed by other TBS users and replace them with the favorites.You will get a spun article in spintax(i.e.synonyms are grouped in {}). Many SEO tools use spintax for spinnable fields.


A powerful feature of TBS is the bulk spin function, which batch processes a number of files in a directory. Click “Bulk Spin” button under the “Publish” menu, select the directory your to-be-processed .txt files are in, and click “Auto Rewrite”(rewrite all the .txt files in that directory), “Replace Everyone’s Favorites”(create spintax for all the files), etc, after a while, open the .txt files and you will see all the files have been rewritten or spun.


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