article rewriting skills

A lot of SEOer pay great attention to the update of content on the website, and consider it as the major SEO method. I am one of those guys. You may be very clear about the SEO techniques in website optimization. But do you know the methods for producing articles for the sake of SEO?
Comparing with other optimization technology website content writing is the most basic and simple way. However, there are still many SEOER mention the soft writing scratching. Today I share with you some article rewriting skills.

Reword the title

A part of the search engine to compare the value of the title, the screening mechanism included and the spider will through the title match to the website ranking arrangement. The title rephrasing is in accordance with the website content of Title Optimized two times. The method is a superficial reform, the title change seems to have actually just changed some of the words of them, so we have to thank the broad and profound Chinese characters. Methods: the title pseudo original common language substitution method, reversed sentence meaning unchanged; digital replacement method, the uppercase lowercase battle, seemingly unchanged real change.

grasp the key article spinning skills

Content is the key of the soft, now open source network a lot of textual information is everywhere, how to use the same soft Wen to the user and search engine is not the same experience is rewriting charm. Usually, the content of false original is to adjust and modify the original content again with “fresh” look into people’s attention to content.

  1. to the end of change, the original theme was 100 words. The most important place of the spun article is the head and tail section, there must be must be taken to change into their own things. You can according to the original tail section to adaptation, but it must be to let users and search engines to see different things, the end can according to the understanding of the article added some notes or a summary of the again to the user thought impact.
  2. on the next paragraph can be adjusted, logical thinking can not change. Appropriate exchange in paragraphs of the article, but the requirement is in does not affect the reading and logic of the premise, we can allow you reverse thinking, but absolutely not allowed the logic has changed out of all recognition, using household cloud curl up don’t see the truth.
  3. cross with 100 books, chapter one. The consolidation method in spinning text is the most common can be related to the content of a few times article “save”, the form again to focus and meet the needs of the user, the in effect, is to achieve an article formerly rather than original artifacts. At the same time, this is also the beginning one of the most common way to save paper.

The content of the website editor of the art in fact there are many, although I said a lot of ways to create rewritten articles. However, the author advocates the comparison itself or the original article, it is some experience can be summed up some of the problems encountered in the work, this article to share its effect is very good.

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