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How to make a movie using OBS studio?

On youtube, you can see numerous splendid movies. You may never dare to think you can create a movie yourself, as well. After all, making a movie seems a very complicated task. You may hear of expensive software/tools to create

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how to setup a website on firebaseapp?

I want to share some pdf files on a free website. I do not want to buy a domain name. I do not want to buy a hosting space. I want to use a free space. I do not want

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How to recover WinSCP stored password?

When setting up a new site in WinSCP, you have the option to save your password so you won’t be prompted to input  a password to login the site. This is convenient in most cases except you want to retrieve

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What is the outlook smtp server?

As an outlook user, you have a outlook mailbox. When you configure your email client such as outlook, outlook express,etc., you will be asked to input a SMTP server. You should input, port 587 here. This is the smtp

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How to use openssl to send email via SMTP server that supports starttls?

If you’ve read my article on how to use openssl to send emails, you may encounter some problem when applying that method to certain kind of SMTP servers such as outlook SMTP server. openssl s_client  -connect WARNING: can’t open

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How to filter packets belong to specific ip address in WireShark?

If you ask me what part of wireshark is the most difficult to learn, I would say it is the filter. Do you know how to filter packets belong to specific ip address? ip=xx.xx.xx.xx ipaddr=xx.xx.xx.xx ipaddress=xx.xx.xx.xx ip:xx.xx.xx.xx ipaddr:xx.xx.xx.xx ipaddress:xx.xx.xx.xx ip==xx.xx.xx.xx

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spf and dkim illustrated

There are tons of documents on SPF and DKIM but I find none explains them clearly. All the articles say they are used to prevent email spoofing but none tells you how they can fight against email spoofing or forging

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How to install proftpd for Sentora on CentOS?

I’ve composed several articles talking about installing proftpd on CentOS. By reading my posts, you should know how to install proftpd with or without Sentora. You should be able to config proftpd to use ssl for secure file transfer. Thing

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How to add a favicon for my website?

When you browse a website, you may notice a little icon on top of the web page(on the tab header of the browser, right in front of the site title). This is called favicon meaning “Favorites Icon”.  As a webmaster,

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How to redirect url using .htaccess for WordPress websites?

If your website is not set up with WordPress, things would be easier for you to redirect one url to another using .htaccess.

This will redirect to But WordPress uses .htaccess for its own redirection. Simply adding

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