Be careful in using article rewriter

There must be many SEOER who are using article rewrite tools. I can rightly judged out, a SEO savvy absolutely can have a correct understanding of the role of article spinning tools, and newbies may make mistakes in using these paraphrasing tools. Often always think that every day to update the article can get the ranking of the SEOER but there is no actual rankings and traffic. Finally chose a very extreme way, that is, the original tools. Personally, however, that the original tools only drawbacks of the original tools in the ranking point of view without any advantage.

What is pseudo original article?

In everyone believes that the pseudo original article is by a pseudo original article generator will be an article change synonyms to making false original article. But for this little trick, the search engine is completely can be identified, since there are software can make false original, there must be a way to identify the so-called pseudo original article. But I personally think that the original is a false original copy of the original idea, the article content but with the original there is a certain gap. But this pseudo original in the rankings is not beyond the original, unless the original content to add additional value.

drawbacks of article rewriter tool

This blog is mainly to provide white hat SEO techniques, so some black hat SEO technologies related, I not recommended, of course, pseudo original tools is not so high, but I still have to put forward the pseudo original defects, in order to avoid SEOER go astray, and ultimately leave the SEO industry, say a word of SEO is not good to do.

If you are a user

If you are a user, you see the first article, look at the second report exactly the same article, you are not immediately shut down the second site, you will think the two web sites to your value, you in the first site is well understood, the user also does not have the extra interest to see a repeat of the article. Of course, the search engine is similar, if it is found that repeats, said Baidu clear spark algorithm. Internet environment becomes worse and worse. Acquisition pseudo original low quality content flooding, severe crowding out high-quality original resources of living space. Continuously for a long time, will inevitably lead to a substantial decline in the overall quality of Internet resources, impaired users, impaired quality webmaster, search engine damage. In order to change this situation, the original value of the larger, Baidu original spark program came into being. On the one hand, increase the technical input to the original content identification; on the other hand, through the Baidu webmaster platform to invite high quality original website to participate in this program, to work together to lighten the original value of the light.

drawbacks of rephrase tool

Pseudo original principle everyone is clear at a glance, feet can be seen from the pseudo original is through the change of synonyms to made, such methods easily lead to many articles can not be normal reading, similar to foreign article by translation software translation and the original article. Users can no reading articles, natural to your website is unable to bring PV and UV, and search engine to identify the user experience is a major requirement: the proportion of PV, UV and IP values.

What are the advantages of template articles?

If you even the articles are too lazy to write, I think your template is applied directly or is free to download, the first search engine in the page to crawl, from the aspects of the code to identify, if from the code to identify your website and found your site from the code to the article is copied, so that a search engine will have no concerns to your site listed in the rubbish site.

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