discussion on original, spun, and copied content

There are a lot of topics about the original content and the content generated by article rewriter tools. People usually think website benefits from original content most, as it help to get high rank and weight in search engines. Some webmasters who are not able to create original articles resort to a spinning strategy, changing part of words to be seemly original. In fact, Baidu for whether the original article in the “Baidu” quality white paper “has state of the table below, there is a Baidu Adsense official community Q & A.
We can see from the chart, the official statement is “as long as they can meet the needs of users, good user experience” is a good website, can also get a good show.” This is a very good description of the collected articles is not entirely spam, more is that we need to make the user experience to help users solve the problem.
In fact, the search engine itself is a huge quiz platform, the input of the word as the user in the search box, search engine has shown is the answer. Just imagine, if we want to solve a problem, the answer answer is incomplete or irrelevant, which let the user is very offensive. Here is the original, rewritten and copied examples:


Title: a webmaster confession
Content: full is to write their own original articles, but content of no segmentation, the first line indent, web advertising experience poor, content shorter.
Comment: Although the article is written in their own original articles, but did not notice the content segmentation and considering the user experience, and no other content on the site in detail, so it is not too good.


Title: a webmaster confession
Content: on the Internet found a good article, modify some words such as name, website,,,, part of the sentence deletion, the read not very smooth, part of the contents of interspersed is not smooth.
Comment: pseudo original than the above their own writing original to the rival, because after the amendment of the articles may with the original author want to express the meaning is not big and part of the statement may appear “mess”.

Copy and paste

Title: a webmaster confession
Content: find a well written article is copied directly on the Internet, then clear format, editing section. Finally, add their own comments and comments of friends, the integration of a “good look” article.
Comments: although they copied the article, but after the editor and the website content clear and the whole browsing experience good, and with a review of the user, the content above than the above but also rich (often watch the news or look at the many people are accustomed to seeing comments, isn’t it? ).


After reading the above example, estimates there are a lot of people will ask: “this is not your respected others copy paste? Then we all copy and paste it, the content of the Internet are not updated.” In fact, I would like to express is, sometimes write their own original are not necessarily better than other people’s good, imagine, Internet is so big, you think others will certainly people have tried to write the same article, you dare to say your content must be better than him? So in my poor writing ability of the industry or not understand, write what basically no readability, can consider the above method. Of course, if your writing ability is very strong, very organized and good at integrating the content of original writing is for the best.

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