Does all content need to be original for a website?

When we talk about how to get websites indexed and ranked by search engines, the first things we think about is to create original articles as many as possible. Some guys say if you want a high ranking and traffic, you must write original articles for all the content and it will boost your website quickly. But sometimes, you pay attention to go to see the ranking of a number of sites in baidu home page, will find the content of the website does not seem to be much original, but rather there are many reprint and spun content, this is how to return a responsibility?? this is not only a us to think about our web site really need original content??
Indeed, as the search engine algorithm escalating, original web site construction, the voice is getting higher and higher, baidu on the original, the business also talking about the original, more and more Adsense is “original” pressure to kick, but, and even many non “original” do not talking about the original, SEO training institutions. There is nothing wrong with the original should pay attention to the construction of website, but should have a “degree”, not in the original poison, is the “original” two words. Recommended articles:

what is “original”?

Our website article really need original content?
The original intention refers to the creation or create new works, but not by reproduction, adaptation, imitation, plagiarism, plagiarism, two time series creation, or derivative works.
For your own website, wrote an article called the original search engine? Really love the original content, but you have to understand it, love is the quality of the original content, not what you say is the original is high-quality original died in the “original” two words, and that website need is pure original, from the beginning of his writing, the write more did not have to write, write more, and finally there is simply do not write, the site is no longer updated, the final site also No one shows any interest in the.
Although we have been stressed in the original, but in fact, rewriting articles is also very useful, each big news, a news, all the rest will be diverted. This is text spinning; cattle industry released the latest articles, the first time you Naqu submission, pass rate is very high, this is article rewriting, authoritative essay collection adaptation is also false original. These text spinners included rate and visits I believe the role of the people know to do.
The content of the website is nothing more than to get users to access and trust, and ultimately get traffic, so if you can the first time the hot spot, the latest, timeliness, authority and academic content published to your site, this is your resources, which will be able to get traffic. As for how to do false original, here is not to say, the user will not because the article is original and your eyes look, the user evaluation method is very simple, good content will continue reading, directly go bad.

Are original articles necessarily  indexed, while rewritten articles are definitely not indexed by search engines?

Our website article really need original content?
Original articles indexed, spun articles are not indexed, this understanding is actually wrong, original want to be included also has a condition, and rewritten content will be indexed because it on the basis of the content of the original increase the added value, such as: open speed, comprehensive, professional, the audience, the relevance of, as long as these do better than the original, search engine is also will be included. So whether the contents of the original or false original content, only can bring good experience for users, meet the user’s demand, the search engine why not included?? of course for spun article, will also different levels.
Not your content is the original search engines will be included, you don’t have to copy others’, written by its own independent so it’s not necessarily is the original quality, the network and the content of other view fits only slightly change the argument, readability is strong is not scarce, even is the old-fashioned, can this be called qualified high-quality original?? so that the original is of little value for the search engine.  Now here we don’t do detailed introduced.
Sometimes, the success of others, to enhance its value from the audience, quality, scarcity and other aspects of aging is their own success. Imitation pseudo Gen never outdated, stand in someone else’s shoulders not diverted directly to the others is finished, focusing on to do better than others, more competitive. The success of the borrowing results is not let you copy, but enlarge its advantages, to make up for its shortcomings, exert their own advantage, highlight your personality and value. If other people just long-term content, do not others, it is called plagiarism.

Can we copy from original articles?

We also saw some weight good site rankings, they are many of the original, but also do false original, but they are always around original, that cannot be reproduced copy others, always think whether original or false original most codes are by their own hands, and reproduced copy is the direct use of the others. Indeed, baidu also has a bulletin hit collection against the replicators station, but the are large acquisition copy website, reasonably well reproduced not only what harm, and Baidu is still support the replication, not reproduced copy of the Internet is not a real network, and reproduced quantity is gradually affecting web page ranking.
When it comes to reprint content, you might ask why will be reproduced? The answer is very simple, you feel good will be reproduced, as users will feel good, you just put a good content from others that moved you and more people share. This is not a repeat but spread. Even said that this article will not be included, your user is not to get your share? You are not to meet their needs? So the site reasonably reproduced copy is very good. As the Chinz home owners mainly rely on the submission of generated content, and these contents are basically two contributing authors, not quite so reproduced? But their ranking is surprisingly good, this is why?

how to build a website of quality articles

Our website article really need original content?

  1. site or have high quality original articles
    don’t look at the above said “original” is not necessarily useful, just do all the article spinning and reproduced, original content is actually the essence of the website. A website if pseudo original is reproduced copy, unless the control is very good, otherwise it is a does not have the core and essence, no window, did not differ between the sites, site no original content and this is another extreme.
  2. pay attention to relevant website content
    The key to whether it is original, false original or reproduction should is and site keywords are closely related content, these content is to attract users to come, each content should be the reason to exist, and the theme websites or columns theme related, not in spite of see what good to site pile. The content of the website is good, is good, put together is not good, so the importance of website content correlation is very important.
  3. not because of the original and the original content
    Many webmaster just wanted to bring to the website included, create the correlation content, but do not pay attention to the content of readability , this in many sites are, because the readability of the content in the end how, baidu is not very good to identify, so also led to the webmasters use this loophole, the order of the number of similar content of upset and the various chaos and some key words, to prove the content and related websites. This at the expense of the user experience of the website to meet the search engine behavior is very stupid, the website will also perish.
  4. the original content and reprint content combination
    In the web site operators can not blindly pursue original, for many sites, timing has several high quality original enough, another work is reproduced and website there is a correlation between high quality content. This is very common, individual ability is always limited, strength of the Internet is huge.

Write quality articles and build quality backlinks

Our website article really need original content?
I once worked for a client to a web site and from the site to rank stability of this a few months time, I wrote the original article is not to 100 and all other articles are false original, I put most of the time in the release the chain and friendship link exchange the, just 2 months time, put the site keywords arranged into the first page of the Baidu. This seems to be a very simple matter, everyone can do, just stick to every day of the very few people!
Therefore, must be original and not the website content. Ordinary website can obtain good ranking depends on whether the chain powerful, if the chain construction is strong, even in the absence of an article is original still can get a very good ranking! Do not believe you can go check out the good ranking site have good outside the chain of support! Large sites to the original the! You can go take a look at sina, Tencent such large portal website has several is their own written article, especially news this piece, based on the is waking!
Even if you write the original article, as long as the baidu included will soon appeared in the website of other peers, even will be changed too horrible to look at! There may be others copy your article but better than your own web site in the rankings better. This is why this time you can go to analyze the somebody else’s Web site outside of the chain whether more than you, then you will understand where the problem is.

In general, I think only the rational use of good quality website articles and a strong chain, in order to make the site weight fast rising.

Original content, while important, but the original method to moderate, don’t “original” word Sike end, rephrased and reprinted articles are and core original combination. Also when the construction contents, the quality and readability are key factors in operation site, don’t blindly in the figure included engine while ignoring the user, the user experience is the future direction of development, search engine to meet the user, website to meet is the user, so as long as the website content can continue to meet the needs of users, access to users of all ages, is king of the web site operators. Recommended article: how to make a web site SEO optimization ranking possible stability.
The original is false then processing an article, which make the search engine that is the original article, so as to improve the site weight.
article rewording skills, rank and role

article rewording method

 equivalent replacement method

  1. character sorting method: such as grab the site of the article “medical editor write rewriting article five skills” how to do the equivalent substitution? By synonyms and disrupt the title keywords in order to achieve the equivalent substitution, you can change “medical editor for five tips to rewrite article”, “five skills medical help editors spin articles” subtly change the way you view the title, but the meaning is not changed. This is the equivalent substitution method.
  2. a digital replacement method: such as the title: five text spinning skills, you can were appropriate removal few they think is not a text rewording skills, or add some rewriting techniques, can be, at least you can let a search engine at least in the opinion of your title will set up a new banner.
  3. word substitution method: as the name implies, is the Related words or synonyms to replace, so also can achieve the effect of repackaging;

Title Combination Method

Combination method are three methods using the above summary or two methods used together. Such as with Adsense nets in an article entitled “webmaster to website marketing analysis and strategy formulation can be changed to” do a good job marketing network analysis of the good “inside with the equivalent substitution method and text modification method.

text modification method

When the title is accurate we can through some modification, such as increasing the question, rhetorical question, metaphor, contrast, personification, combined with the original title and perfect, to increase the impact of the title. Such as “five spinning skills can be changed to” five rewriting skills useful?”

the title and content

Modification of the title, is reduces the search engine of the repetition of, rather than you after modifications to the meaning of the original to the recognition, thus losing the spun original intention. No matter how to modify the title, the first to be faithful to the original intention of the title; second to add more in line with the characteristics of your visitors needs. Only in this way will achieve spinning unexpected results.

the text content modification method

  1. the first paragraph summary method: give yourself to write the first paragraph, as introduction, if you have the energy, read the full text of a summary, put in the home, if that did not have time to read, it is also very simple: own series, and must be into your own web site keywords;
  2. the insert link anchor text: surely we all know the role of the anchor text can help to improve the relevant keywords ranking, also can others gathered your data when the anchor text link together to gather, thus to add a chain of outside to you: you capture my, I will use you, very fair. Every 200-300 characters, can be appropriate to add 2-3 anchor text links;
  3. a tail summary method: make a summary of the whole article, in fact, for search engine optimization. Not only is the content, but small skills must pay attention to, play search engine is a meticulous live, so not only to will do, to think, to draw inferences have rapid improvement and progress.
  4. new picture: we must all know, apictureisworthathousandwords. Although, at present most of the search engine is not able to read the image content, but in the picture alt attribute can annotate, also to search engine to look brand-new feeling that your content is new and included;
  5. paragraph replacement method:, this method is that the content of the order of mutual exchange, however, must pay attention to do not affect the original reading. Especially a method of operation, do not use, otherwise, you know. Therefore, this method does not adapt to all the logic of the article, avoid.

spun level

  1. [three] primary, just modify the title, the typos;
  2. intermediate goods [two], modify the title of the article, the rearrangement of paragraph or text, or synonyms;
  3. senior [a], to modify the title of the article, the rearrangement of paragraph or text, adding other manuscript information, rich content of manuscript;
  4. the ultimate, joined the station related presentation information in a high level on the basis of with pictures.

the role of rewriting

As we know, the search engine is love original content, for repeat content, it will not think in terms of value. If the site on a large amount of content is reproduced, the search engine will feel the whole website does not have much value, thereby reducing the weight of the website. The website ranking is not natural high.
But the original content is more difficult, so we are generally to reprint the content modification processing, make the search engine think your article is original, which will be included. This reached a rewording purpose.

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