How does baidu know an article is not original but spin?

As a webmaster, we often hear about article rewriter. But how does baidu distinguish between the original and rewritten articles?

  1. The links inside the article: if the same article is referenced by many websites, and the internal links points to the same website, this will undoubtedly be the signals of original content in the eye of Baidu.
  2. Keyword frequency: Here we need to know a noun: information fingerprint, fingerprint information like human fingerprints, webmaster, baidu intercept corresponding text and according to a certain algorithm, text and its weight is set to code, these words may was a few characters, may is a word or several words, generally an article corresponding a plurality of fingerprint information, if your article is the original article, Baidu will judgment based on the fingerprint information.
    The 3 article published an article published by Baidu and the same input sooner, more easily by Baidu that is the original article.
  3. Word order: if two text fingerprint information completely the same, the theory to think two text completely the same, but actually it is not so, already Baidu will capture the selected characters as fingerprint information coding, then after upset the sequence of these characters can also be not the same fingerprint information.

After more than a few points we is not difficult to find, originally some SEO the so-called spinning method in Baidu seems to be so childish, following rewriting methods are not desirable:

  1. stage order: This is not to say, this adjustment is not the effective way to spin articles.
  2. Image replacement method: I remember once seen website use images instead of stop words and punctuation, so if it is purely in order to let Baidu think is the pseudo original words I think is ridiculous, but this approach can be regarded as a way to prevent information to follow, a word, useless to Baidu, the user useful.
  3. Replace the Key words: SEO market popular all sorts of false original things, basically is based on keyword replacement and, through the establishment of a certain amount of SYNONYM Thesaurus, the synonyms in each other replacement and reach the rewriting, I have manual finishing more than 20000 synonyms experiment, basic little effect, due to the keyword can replace the word is relatively little, an article all replacement also lack can be read.
  4. The first amendments and the end: This is the most SEO selection approach, together has also been recognized by the majority of my colleagues, and at the end of the first amendment can let Baidu think the original is false? I think not, when the modification is not sufficient to affect the frequency of the primary key is not to have any effect, Baidu watch it and reprint articles two.
  5. Of course, there are some other ways, for example, a few articles into an article, call a report or an article describing, in Baidu’s view, these measures are not a useful way.

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