How should the content of a website be produced?

The website construction is a systematic process which involves the profit model planning, content production, customer service service, etc. Content generation in many aspects will undoubtedly occupy an important position, because this is the basis for web site operators to survive, so some webmasters began to focus on the introduction of professional website editor responsible for the production of the content on the website, but in a word, many website content production or a lot of problems, which the quality and packing phenomenon is very obvious, which seriously affect the quality of website operation, even will be the future development brings great negative impact.
So how to build the website content website editor? How to play its core role in this regard? I think we can edit the production to improve the level of the contents from the following aspects.
First, don’t scape/copy content, and use spun content carefully. Now website editor in the production of content is often through four ways, which are reproduced, and text spinning and original acquisition. These reproduced and acquisition is one of the most commonly used method of content production, this author is not blindly deny these content, but to the distinction, in particular, collected, be sure to refused to use, because this way is a most rude way of plagiarism, often lead to Baidu serious dissatisfaction, resulting in site difficult to get the essence of the upgrade. But for reprint, can be properly reproduced, but also need to edit, reproduced the contents of, such as the Internet has some content of re combination, induction, thus forming the user has a reference value of the content.
Second, use article rewriters properly. Mentioned here article spinning and previous years that article rewriter with distinct concepts, in fact is a kind of based on a similar to the core content, but express inconsistent approach to rewrite articles, which seems to in the poem, to worry about the image description can be used many kinds of methods, some use “Yichuan tobacco, Mancheng Feng Xu, when the yellow plum rain” to represent. Some of it is “like a river flowing to East”. Different words, but specific content is consistent, which requires editing site has a rich vocabulary to relevant content to write, although these content to allow the user to determine the deja vu, but readability is unaffected. Therefore, it has the utility of good rich web content.
Third, write unique high quality articles. This is obviously the most difficult, after all, this is the original content, is not the content on the internet. So the editors tend to be relatively difficult, this network editor must seriously study the knowledge of the industry, and to summarize their income, think and think, to form the unique content. This is a processing to create, and not easy to imitate. In essence, this is the sublimation of article rewriting. As to network editor for the higher level. But this is also the site can continue to achieve success, if this part of the content is not good, a website to obtain the motive force of sustainable development, is extremely difficult.
Of course the content of high quality must conform to the core of the web site keywords, and website content, and not a figment of the imagination. Otherwise, even if it is for the high quality of the original content, in fact, not much, even will to reaction.
Thus, for the website editor, and not find a will collect, will reprint of the workers can be, but from the website optimization level to continue to enhance production of the content of the quality, only in this way can make web site to obtain the ongoing power

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