How to create a free blog on weebly?

Many websites allow you to create free blogs as their sub-domains or sub-directories. This is good because you do not need to buy a domain name or hosting services to host your website. However, rare websites are seo-friendly to your free sub-domain sites. It takes you lot of time creating posts just to let them disappear in the Internet. You cannot find them in the search results of google,bing, etc. The number of search engines friendly blog sites would not be more than 10, I think. And among those blog sites, some have ridiculous policies which do not allow you to post ads/affiliation links on your blog, such as Don’t believe this? Try to make an account on and create a post that has ads in it, your blog(not only posts) will be deleted in seconds. These blog sites mainly sell their paid services. They allow free blogs just with the intention of enlarging their content base and they make them seo-friendly just to attract more traffic to make money for their own. In other words, they exploit your labor without paying you.

Weebly is among the few seo-friendly blog sites which has a less-strict policy. You can build a free site on weebly using its sub-domain as almost the same as you do on your own domain name and own hosting service. The only pity is its backend to create and manage your blogs is a little hard to use.  We will give an example of creating a website on weebly.

After login weebly, click Add Site, choose a theme:





Click blog, choose the Highligter – Blog theme. This theme is concise and  proven to be very seo-friendly.





Choose a free sub-domain name as your blog’s url:


Input the name and a line of description of your blog. This is a key step for SEO. The name will be put into the <title></title> tag. The description is put in a <h2> tag. It is a pity that the name is not put in an <h1> tag, in fact there is no <h1> tag in the whole html. Delete the Author, Archives, and Categories section as they do no good to seo. Keep the RSS feed untouched. Click publish to publish your site. You will see the only <h2> tag (except the fixed weebly footer that cannot be removed or changed) is your blog description so write the description carefully.

Click pages on the navigation menu to delete/create pages.


Delete the default HOME/ABOUT page, keep the CONTACT page . Click the “+”  beside “Pages” and click “Blog Page” to create a new blog page.



You can rename the blog page.





All pages are listed on the header menu. You can drag the page to re-order them. Every page can have its own description(as an <h2> tag) as home page we stated before. This is where you need to put efforts as it is important for seo. Each page has it own sections(widgets) as home page. You need to delete the Author, Archives, and Categories section as they do no good to seo. You can add new sections such as an html section to a page. Note that the content of a page is separated with all the posts the page has.

Create posts. You need to select a page before creating new posts because all posts belong to a specific page.



Click the “New Post’ button at the right-bottom corner to create  a new post. You can specify the post tile. Drag the “Embed Code” element to the content section of the post to write html directly. After composing the post, click “Post” button to post it.




You will find the post has been listed under the page. In the post itself, the post title will be put in the <title> tag and an <h2> tag.


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