How to sell serial numbers using License Manager for WooCommerce wordpress plugin?

After installing and activating the License Manager for WooCommerce wordpress plugin, you need to import the serial numbers to sell. You need to copy the SNs in a .txt file(one sn per line), then head into wordpress admin panel/WooCommerce/License Keys and click the “import” button.

Click the “Browse…” button to upload the sn file. You also need to assign the SNs to a product or a product variation:

The imported keys will appear on the WooCommerce/License Keys page:

Now, you you need to edit the WooCommerce product to enable selling the SNs for the product:

Don’t see the License Manager option on this page? Don’t worry, for variant products, you can see the license manager options in each product variant. This is why I recommend this plugin. With its free version, you can sell SNs for variant products which is unlike other similar plugins that only support simple products with their free version.

You also need to do some settings in WooCommerce/Settings/License Manager/WooCommerce



Make sure to tick the checkbox for Processing if you want to automatically deliver SN to buyers because the Processing status is reached after successful payment, and your customer will see the license on his thank-you page.


The sold key is also shown on the order page when the administrator of the website changes the status of the order to Processing:



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