How to spin text to be original in the eye of search engines?

We all know that it is hard to generate original/unique content by using article rewriter tools to replace the article synonymous and change the sequence of paragraphs of the original text.

To let search engines consider out spun text as original content, we need further changes:


  1. The title of the article must be reworded. The title of the article is the most important part of the article. Here we suggest that people rephrase the according to their core keywords after changing the above mentioned five sentences.
  2. Combine multiple articles together. After a blend of articles the rewritten content changes a lot large and becomes more comprehensive and more authoritative. Search engines is willing to index such kind of enhanced articles.
  3. On the content of the optimization and many aspects, the specific details of the optimization in site optimization in the blog of the original article how to write to enhance the keywords ranking ten tips are described in detail, here is not done narrative.

Above is how to spin articles to let search engine determine it is the original, but now Internet content duplication/homogenization phenomenon is getting more and more serious, the uniqueness judgment of the search engine will become more and more strict. It is better to write original content, and if you do not have the time, or there is no material source, you can get unique content by SEO video recording, or rewriting site optimization books.

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