Not just article rewriter, but original article creator

I just jumped into the area of SEO In the past few days, and took over a site optimization and promotion activity. The website is TV shopping platform of B2B service. At the beginning, I want to have new content indexed every day. But later I am aware that it is too hard to write original articles because I cannot write an analysis of the TV shopping industry. To write that article, at least a year later, only original artifacts, a began to read many about how to rewrite articles, but I feel to say there is no reason, and personally to try, how to improve the rewritten articles included in the rate. Here is how I forged a new post skills, Baozhun on your side, through, I just get out of this, and time is fast, high efficiency.
Mainly divided into 2 blocks, one is the title of the article, one is the content of the article

First, the article title rewording skills

Earth people know: an attractive title can bring many forwarding quantity, I saw an article, first rough walk again the, understand a probably, drink another cup of coffee, drink a couple of, the new title came out and the title only only, of course, mind just jumped out of the title will impress people, refreshing, attractive to the full, not to drink coffee or to outside run, can solve the problem. The main is usually see more, accumulate more, remember, every day I like walking to and from work, about 20 minutes or so, this time I like to see something interesting, I see online, said to disrupt the original title sequence, with the question, metaphor, doubt, ask, contrast, personification, etc with the original title with are repackaging, about six Baidu will consider you included, but if completely on my own jumped out, then the probability of will in 9%, and can be Baidu seconds charge considering, or jump a subject well.

Two, the article content spinning skills

1 rewrite article titles

The original article read, and clear, to come up with the title, with their own language understandable to again to the title, remember, small Title need concise, can conveniently take the network words

2 insert beautiful pictures

Jobs’s speech PPT, rarely used words, instead of pictures. As the saying goes: a picture of a thousand words! Simplicity is the ultimate complex, Jobs said, the more complex the more to keep concise. Let a person to understand at a glance, so I very much like to take foreign advertising and foreign advertising language rarely speak, but expressed interesting, the picture is very aesthetic and artistic sense and sense of science and technology, let a person have infinite imaginary space, can move the hearts of men, very creative, always want to read an article also want to read an article. Chinese advertising films always have too many redundant words, after reading it, will not remember it. With related pictures, atmosphere, high definition, can reflect the theme of the article

3 plus reading experience

After reading a paragraph, appropriate to add your own reading experience, read this text have what idea and cognition, talk about their own inner depths of the most want to say the words, add sesame oil, let the dish more fragrant, look better, color, flavor and taste. Believe that can let a lot of people are salivating, full of praise, eyes are not willing to look elsewhere, like you’re having a meal, suddenly came across a long haired beauty, you say you will see other things?
In the final analysis, also need every time his heart to read an article and efficient secondary processing of the original article, article rewritten¬† skills a lot, but only need to master a few must enough, don’t need to learn a lot, the main is himself of this article to understand how deep, said the, think of high school to learn the language of the time, often with Chinese reading comprehension questions, secondary development article can only take so seriously awkward to do it, OK.
The above list of some, I believe that is not complete, there are still many did not say, after the opportunity to make up.

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