Original content v.s. spun content

Website optimization friends all know that the original content has a direct impact on whether the site can be indexed by search engines and can get good rankings. Almost all articles on website optimization talk about the importance of original content. We must have heard about article rewriter. What is article rewriting? How to rewrite articles? What is the difference between rephrasing articles and creating original articles?

For those who add content to a website, in order to reduce the burden of writing articles, they may go to the Internet to find a high quality posts, then copy their titles down into several large search engine to search, and look at how many pages with exactly the same topic are indexed, then slightly change the titles. Using general interrogative sentences as the title instead of declarative sentence not only makes them more easily to be indexed, but also attracts more users.

Usually do a little change in the content of these articles, add their own web site and contact, a seemingly original rewritten article is on the baked. One of the most important is the paraphrase of the first and the end of the article, because these are the most important places the search engine checks the site. Doing so can reduce the risk of being de-indexed by search engines.

Another method is to download a professional article translation tools, first translate from Chinese into English, and then find the English similar articles translated into Chinese after casually change becomes a truly unique, of course premise condition is the reasonable and smooth.

In addition to the above two methods, a lot of friends are to put out a few articles together, reword the majority of the content, so that the article can also be said to be original.

In fact, the quality of spun article is not good as the original article, because after all, it is other people’s article, it is other people’s ideas, so there is no special significance.

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