purse.io review

purse.io is a website you can buy bitcoins with amazon gift card. In fact, you do not necessarily use gift card to buy bitcoins. You can use any payment methods to buy bitcoins. How does purse.io work? Well, some shoppers buy merchandise on amazon but do not pay order themselves.  Instead, they choose to let a friend to pay their orders. They list their amazon orders on purse.io, you can pay their orders in exchange for some bitcoins. You can visit https://purse.io/earn/btc to see currently available offers.



You can filter the offers by country or amount, but the amount range is coarse-grained, e.g., you can only show offers ranging $0-$100, but cannot choose the offers between $0-$20. The offers are sorted by rate,i.e., (the bitcoin price/bitcoin market price-1). You can see the least rate is 37% which means it costs you 37% more money to get the same amount of bitcoins if you buy at bitcoin market. Take the first offer for an example, if you would like to fulfill the underlying amazon order(s), you need to pay $99 to amazon, and get 0.00153211 btc. There are not many offers, many of which are provided by the same shoppers. 

Click one of the offers, you will see:



Click “ACCEPT OFFER(BTC)”, you will see:


Click “Go To Whistlist” button, you will be brought to amazon website. You can see the to-be-purchased item is under the “Your Friends” tab:


Click “Add to cart” and ensure the “This is a gift” checkbox is ticked, then click “Proceed to checkout” to complete the order and paste the amazon confirm message to purse.io.  If you want to cancel the order, you need to type something as the reason.



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