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How to spin articles? Now many webmasters often update their sites in order to get better ranking in search engine results. But how can you write so many original articles? Next, we will look at how to spin original articles.

1 title content to be loyal to the original

Title need to include your site visitors need to see factors such as do QQ stand, then it should be in the title, highlighting the non mainstream, QQ space, such as the title, such as flash Q family title is very interesting: “QQ space of the popular QQ space recommended popular holy Christmas decoration larger material”
Actually this for the people is nonsense, but also very important, many friends in order to really makes the search engine think your article is original, and will be a title change beyond recognition, this result is not desirable.

2 modifying the title is the key

(1) the replacement of words
Can also be modified in this way: “prepare for the exam composition: Tips let your article” light up “so does not delete the contents of the can let a search engine that at least the title is original.
(2) text sorting method
Can also disrupt the order so that your title looks more like: “essay test preparation: let your article” light up “five kinds of moves, such order replacement method, can let the title set more in line with the thinking habit of the visitors.
(3) digital replacement method
Such as Sina education of an article, the title is: preparing the essay test: five strokes to let your article “light up”, in the modification of the title of the time, it can be changed to: “to prepare for the test composition: recruit let your article” bright “up”, and instead, is the most inconspicuous or see you most dislike the two characteristics can be deleted.

3 text content modification

Adhere to update!
To update the article every day, the spider will form a habit, the site every day to see, there are new content immediately grab, Dianshi interactive SEO strength send Qiu Shida new sites, this website in October of this year was on the line, because the content is original, high quality, fast update, has been the subject of Search engine favor, the key words are in front of the position. Often updated and have the original site, is the search engine of the most love, and in general, want to rank well, update is the key.
Actually search engine optimization, not only is the content, but small skills must pay attention to, play search engine is a meticulous live, so not only to do, to think, to extrapolate a rapid improvement and progress.
(1) the first paragraph of self creation
Yourself to write the first paragraph, as introduction, if you have the energy, read the full text of a summary, put on the home page, if that did not have time to read, it is also very simple: their own series, and be sure to bring your own web site keywords.
Take rainke to compare, if you want me to write such an introduction, the following content:
“Many webmaster think website is a very simple thing, but does truly feel difficult, SEO to make money online, flow is bothering you, and this article is from the details of the analysis: how to spin the title of the article and manufacture the original article, hope can give you some inspiration.”
Not a little of the actual content, but through certain language organization, will SEO, make money online, flow of these popular words and the title of the article repeated, search engine to look: ouch the galley proof, this article have not seen ah,.
(2) insert a link in the text
This is the ghost, but we can properly with that specific role is in others collection you can be together to gather, equivalent to increase the chain: your collection of I, I will use you, very fair.
This link, I do not recommend any place to add, so it is very boring, but also affect the user experience, then how to modify and add it?
For example, in some locations: experts said: this year China’s economy will continue to grow, rewritten to: according to webmaster network experts said: this year, China’s economy will continue to grow”
(3) the tail with a sentence
The end with a sentence: “according to the rainke experts have observed, such phenomenon and theory are worth pondering the webmaster, so I hope everyone to do more research, try to summarize the experience of more and better.”

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