SEOers, stop article rewriting and fraud clicking

The purpose of writing this article is to talk about my views on SEO. I jumped into Internet Marketing not long time ago (in fact I am doing the whole network marketing, SEO is just one part), but have my own unique insights. I hope to write this article to give some suggestions to internet marketers.

When doing this business, I have seen a lot of give up halfway. In fact, can not blame them, each person’s temperament is different, the acute child is unable to do. But I want to tell you that SEO is actually a very interesting thing, really.
Why? Because when you’re in contact with SEO, you might find it strange and interesting. Later, a lot of people will often do two things: 1 mutual click, 2 article spinning. I also experienced this stage, a lot of people, including my teacher told me that this is a long-term work, you must have patience and insist on doing every day to do.
Yes, this is indeed a long-term work, need to be patient, but the premise of the patient must have the power to support or a persistent belief.
I always have such a belief: “SEO is a long-term process, you today, the information may a year after two annual will be seen. So you have to adhere to every day, and then after a lot of people to give you a call to buy your products or services”. As for the power, not to say that you are doing SEO has been effective.
Customers call you to understand or deal. As a result, some people may favor a little God, so there is a reason to stick to it. Some people can not stand the test, will give up halfway.
However, there is a reason to stick to it, you will be able to succeed or go ahead of others?. I often see people who do SEO for many years, they do every day is what I mentioned above: mutual point, rewriting articles. Although, I do not deny the role of these two points, but we do things, if we do not consider long-term or sustainable development, then we will never stop at a stage.
Just like, you do not have anything from a salesman to an old employee, you do every day is to call and run away. You do this work for many years, and you don’t want to be a boss. Do the boss’s daily work, then your realm will not be promoted. I made a statistics for each class of the salesman’s daily routine:

  •  novice salesman, every day to call on Belden, met with the intention of very warm, have a sense of urgent below. But the customer is not accurate, there is also a small.
  • veteran salesman, every day is how to call, but calling is generally accurate customer or boss, often run to maintain the customer. Occasionally received large orders. Too small.
  • The salesman, general elite here is our boss. Almost every day not to call, and the normal person is not different. Others take the initiative to call, and there is a kind of other people have asked for his feelings. The list is generally large.

Although the above is a little far away. But I think this is very necessary, because we do not have such a concept and cognition, attitude adjustment does not change, then you do many things is a waste of time, time has a lot of it to waste. When you are at the age of twenty, I think a lot of time. The eye shake, at the age of more than 30. When you’re serious about doing one thing, the time is never enough.
To continue the above topic, I do not deny (mutual point, spinning text) role. But if a website, you do one or two years or even longer, you also need a day to mutually, spun articles can barely of a ranking, and is erratic. Do you want to spend your youth forever in these two nouns, interesting? I do not know how you think, anyway, I do not think it is very interesting, and no progress. I have seen some of the network to do well, their website a lot of keywords in the long-term position. And their web sites don’t always follow new.
However, there is a point worth noting is that they once updated, is a very good article, a very consistent with the customer to see the article, a very precise article.
That’s right, see here, or a lot of people will understand what I mean. I often see peers rewrite articles, I will be very helpless, because they are in order to cater to the search engine to do these optimization. Yes, keep the update search engine will be more like you. However, many people will be caught in a “or Those closely involved cannot see clearly.” phenomenon is the essence of things not see.
Why is it so simple, because you do the optimization to cater to the search engine, but did not meet the customer. You don’t have a reason. Who is the object we want to “curry favour”. How can we know? Then we should consider the search engine to make money. Yes, is to pay for clicks, bidding promotion. But these will also be ranked, when two people bid the same time, with what you first, others second.
Depends on the quality of your site, what is the quality of the site? That is, the customer likes to see the site. Quality is high. Will put your site on the front row. Why? Because you think about yourself, when you open the search engine to get to know a thing or have a need to be an item of time, open all spam pages. Will you still use this search engine?
Customer churn is a big problem, so the search engine will consider a long-term development, so free of charge, that is, our SEO, is also a rule.
So, whatever it is, the customer is always the first. No customers, no consumption, no consumption how to promote production, so good, based on the above so much description, you will find. Your website every day in the flow of every point of the people, every day your rewritten articles are some rubbish articles.
Yes, your title, key words are really ready “mining customer demand” , but the content is a mess. Keeping updated every day is a good thing, but what you update on a daily basis are what others  turn off. Is this a kind of “self defeating”? Above said a lot, in fact, main purpose is to give you a clear mind, and encounter anything, be sure to carefully to analyze, rather than blindly follow others to do or confused to do, so sooner or later, you will in time of fall by the wayside. Below I think of a few points to do the SEO advice to everyone, after more methods, we will continue to write, the following to take my website to illustrate:


  1. the key words of the article is not unique, an article to set up more than a few key words. Every key word must be carefully thought. Based on the precise customer search habits set, what kind of customer search for what kind of keywords to see my product, and then have the desire to trade. Direct or indirect key words, such as: fire door, fire door price, fire door code.
  2. article ranking is good, is that the customer will browse from the upper part of the article to the lower, and see how much is not proportional to the number of people.
  3. the title of the article is simple and clear. Such as: 2015 fire door the most offer sheet, the maximum size of the fire door is how much?
  4. have a deep understanding of your customers and your products. Write the article rather than blindly rephrasing the original content. Garbage articles more, see less time. The jump rate is big. Rank or not go. Would rather you site on the ten precise articles. Get to the big platform to do promotion. Do drainage. For a long time, not every day can also take care of the long-term position in a brother.

The fourth point is particularly important, if I understand this truth, I put  half the time of spinning text to do such a thing. If you don’t fully understand their customers, not in-depth understanding of products, you wouldn’t write good article.
PS: some people read my article, asked me to write some of the ideas and methods of network. In fact, I also have this idea, but not practical, because there are:
First, I have the occupation, the time is not very lush. After all, to survive ah!
Second, the writing is inspired by the, even if I had the time, inspiration does not come, it’s hard for me to express my inner thoughts, usually in one fell swoop, intermittent will miss many of the key points.
Third, in the SEO there is a problem can consult me, on the Internet can be. I try my best to give you the answers I know. Chat a few words of time or can be drawn out, unlike writing this article, it takes two hours.
Fourth, many people will see a lot of good articles, will see light suddenly. But, to tomorrow will forget to do back to their own. This is in fact a very good corresponding to the word “success” is always a small number of”. I do not want to use this sentence to encourage you, but I want to tell you, whether successful, really want to see people. When someone gives you a promise, you insist on selling barbecue in the street for half a year, selling every day until 2 in the morning to get to work, you can do a certain president. In fact, at that time, there was no one on the street at 11 in the evening. I don’t know I can do it, anyway, this is a very difficult process.

To be successful in doing everything lies in your will and the mentality, not that you read a good article.

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