The best auto blogging software: WP Robot

The reason making WP Robot the best auto blogging software is it clear programming logic. All elements are organized by clear logic, which makes the wordpress plugin robust, expandable, and very easy to use.

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WP Robot scrapes content from various sources, and publishes them on your website after optional rewrite. You should be familiar with some concepts before you can use it at your will. The posts wp robot posts on your website are constructed according to post templates. You can specify module tags in {} in a post template besides other text you compose. A module tag is the name of a module. A module corresponds to a source, where WP Robot gets the content. The content of a module is also constructed by the module’s template which consists of ordinary words and element names(tags)(in {}). After getting and analyzing the content, the element names(tags) are replaced with corresponding values to form the content of module. The module tags in the post template are replaced with the content of modules to form the final post. WP Robot ships with a number of module templates and several module templates. Typically, you do not need to add or modify module templates, but you may add new post templates to be used by a campaign. To specify which post templates you want and other stuff related to publishing posts on your website, you should create a campaign. In the configuration of the campaign, you can also specify what kind of content you want to scrape(by providing keywords), how often wp robot posts an article, whether the scraped content is rewritten before posting, ect. After creating a campaign and setting up necessary parameters in the Options menu and All Rewriters menu(i.e., fill API keys), you are done. At every intervals you specified, WP Robot randomly selects a post template, queries to the sources you specifies by the module tags in the post templates using the a randomly selected keyword, scrapes the content/articles in the query result, rewrites the content/articles by calling the API of spinner tools, and posts the resulting article on your website.

The modules/content sources WP robot supports are:

  • amazon
  • article(Ezinearticles, Goarticles, and Ezinemark)
  • article builder
  • clickbank
  • ebay
  • flickr
  • yahoo answers
  • yahoo news
  • youtube
  • rss
  • commission junction(CJ)
  • oodle
  • pressrelease
  • shopzilla
  • linkshare
  • eventful
  • yelp
  • shareasale
  • avantlink
  • bigcontentsearch

The rewrite tools(spinners) wp robot supports are:

  • Spinner Chief
  • The Best Spinner(TBS)
  • Chimp Rewiter
  • Spin Rewriter
  • WordAI
  • Content Professor

You can even chain several spinners together to achieve better result.

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