What is article rewriter?

Article rewriter is used to re-process an article, so that the search engine considers it as an original article, so as to improve the weight of the site.


The so-called article rewriter or word spinner is an tool or software that changes original article to a certain degree of modification. It also refers to the article obtained through this method.


Modify the title is the key


  1. Digital replacement method: such as the title: good for detoxation- 10 salt beauty effect is good, you can  removal a few you think are not salt beauty effect, or add some salt beauty effect, can be, at least you can let a search engine at least in the opinion of your title will set up a new banner;
  2. To replace the words: as the name implies, is the Related words or synonyms to replace, so also can achieve the effect of repackaging;
  3. Text sorting: you can disrupt the order to make your title look even more different. But be sure to remember not to misunderstand the original title of meaning, can.


Write summaries in the first and the last paragraph

the title and content related

Modification of the title, is to reduce the search engine of the repetition of, rather than you after modifications to the meaning of the original to the recognition, thus losing the original intention of article rewriting . No matter how to modify the title, the first to be loyal to the original title of the original title; second to join more in line with the characteristics of the needs of the user. Only in this way, will achieve the effect of false original.

the contents of the text changes


  1. Summary: give yourself to write the first paragraph, as introduction, if you have the energy, read the full text of a summary, put in the first paragraph, if that did not have time to read, it is also very simple: their own series, and must be into your own web site keywords;
  2. The insert link anchor text: surely we all know the anchor text can help to improve the relevant keywords ranking, can also be others gathered your data when the anchor text link together to gather, thus to add a chain of outside to you: you set me, I use you, very fair. Between each 200-300 word, you can add a 2-3 anchor text link;
  3. tail summary method: make a summary of the whole article, in fact, for search engine optimization. Not only is the content, but small skills must pay attention to, play search engine is a meticulous live, so not only to do, to think, to draw inferences have rapid improvement and progress.
  4. new increase in the picture: we must all know, a picture of a thousand words of truth. Although, most of the search engine is not able to read the contents of the picture, but the image of the alt attribute can be annotated, it will give the search engine a new look, think that your content is new and included;
  5. paragraph replacement method: this method is to exchange the order of the contents of each other, but must be careful not to affect the original reading. In particular, an operating method, do not be used, otherwise, you know. Therefore, this method does not adapt to all, the logic of the article should not be.
  6. Paragraph copy replacement: related to the content of paragraph the copy and paste directly. For example, if I of the second paragraph of the first paragraph of an article, I to included the possibility of improving directly on other pages copied a come as the beginning of my form I now the chapter of the content format. For the end, you can also conduct a similar operation, or, you write a summary of the paragraph, etc.. Of course, the end of the paragraph to add a more simple way, as I am in my article, the last to add copyright information, etc.
  7. words replaced and added method: the so-called keyword replaces and adds, except to ensure that your content is closely linked to their own keywords and in a certain extent enhance modifications and provide quality content. Specifically how to operate, the general is in the search, all of the replacement page, such as “SEO” you can use “SEO site optimization” “site optimization” for the relevant replacement work. Add, that is, in some of the contents of the article to carry out the relevant key words to add.
  8. remove the modification method: remove certain content, can be a paragraph, but is a paragraph of several points at the scale of your own, you modify the magnitude, at least, the entire article you modify the amplitude is best to keep in about 30%, of course, modification is larger, more search engine welcome.

Original article

To rewrite articles, the first step is to find the original article, a better way to find the main:

  1. blog to find the original article;
  2. go to the English station to find the original article;
  3. Download e-books;
  4. in newspapers, books and magazines, etc. to find the original article;
  5. go to the station to find the original article.


The first level of the title of the article to rephrase the paragraph or text to rearrange, to join other articles of information, rich content of the manuscript;
Second level. In the advanced based on the addition of the site of the relevant documents, with pictures, etc..
Third grade. Collection and sorting articles
Fourth level. After reading the summary of thinking to write their own



We know that the search engine is like the original content, for duplicate content, it will think not included the value of. If a large amount of content on the site is reproduced, the search engine will feel that the entire site is not much value, thus reducing the weight of the site. Website ranking naturally not very high.
But the original content is more difficult, and therefore we are generally carried on the content of the revision process, make the search engine think your article is original, so will be included. This reached the purpose of false original.



  1. If your site is a new sites, the current site of the weight is not high, how to let a search engine spider home page to find your website page and into the search engine database? In fact, there are a simple and effective and time-saving method: make full use of bookmarks, baidu collection tools, let Baidu spider faster climb to your page.
  2. Is to use code to sites with their copyright and content of the page address, others collection automatically add links to your website or the specific link address, this included although not fast, but the last link more, you are still the original content.
  3. On his website: “” of the original article, wait until their included after, go to other sites published. At the same time, together with their original address, this method is very effective, some of the larger, wider impact site was adopted the probability is very big, to the site, bring of flow is very impressive.



The first section and the last paragraph are the best is original, search engines will not be considered plagiarism. But please note, among the contents are equally important, be sure to do finishing and easy to read. In order to facilitate the keywords ranking and does not affect the readability of itself, a moderate increase in the number of keywords ranking is good. (the first sentence must contain the relevant keywords and, at the end of the same. General article 400-500 words article and related keywords appear 3 times) this will increase search engine for your recognition of the original.



  1. Title Content and the original title of the same meaning, but do not copy, must contain keywords. Titles need to include your site visitors need to see the factors, such as doing QQ station, then it should highlight the non main flow of the title, QQ space, such as the title. In fact this for many people is nonsense, but is also very important, many friends in order to really makes the search engine think your article is original, and will be a title change beyond recognition, this result is not desirable.
  2. modify the title is the key
    1.  the replacement of words (to be readable). Also can be modified: “prepare for the test composition: small skills to make your article ‘bright’ up” so that the content of the article can not delete the search engine that at least the title is original. Keyword substitution and the position of the substitution we when the rewriting tool must modify the keywords, after all others of the article is to others web site subject to refine, although sometimes two sites with the same theme, also need the keywords are modified and replaced, highly matching and highly accurate keywords tend to seize the user more accurate. Not only to modify and replace the key words, and even the location to replace this article more with your ideas, more in line with your site.
    2. digital replacement method. Such as Sina education of an article, the title is: preparing the essay test: five strokes to let your article “light up, in the modification of the title of the time, it can be changed to:” to prepare for the test composition: recruit let your article “light up” instead, is the most inconspicuous or see you most dislike the two characteristics can be deleted.
  3. add new content and new ideas. We can also add new contents and viewpoints of the original article, so make an article more complete, more clear view theme more perfect.  In rewriting an article, adding more content is not necessarily a bad thing. It can greatly improve the readability of the article. For already published articles, search engines have been crawled will have a record, but if the rephrasing tool does a good job, search engine will give a higher evaluation. Pseudo original content is originally a less established view. After all the revised articles can be considered a new article, just the “Edit” degree where makes “pseudo” the point of view to be perfectly justifiable. I suggest that we write more articles,  write more original content, change spun articles more heavily, so as to improve their ability to express their own words, but also in the writing of the continuous improvement of their own.
  4. labeling law: in the specific key words to increase friendship notes. Advantages: increase the user experience, so that customers can learn more not familiar with the professional terminology, so as to better understand the meaning of the article. Can also be a natural repetition of keywords, increase keyword density. Disadvantages: if you use too much, will cause the page information chaos, reduce the user experience. Increase the page size, reduce the load speed. Interference with the original keywords layout and density.
  5. split method: the original continuous articles, the average interception of 3 or more paragraphs 2 or more. Advantages: reduce the similarity, improve the visitors browsing speed, increase the page visits shortcomings: the article can’t continuous browsing, the original one-time browse become tedious, also optimization of the title of the title also a disadvantage, because there will be repeated. But in a smaller number of cases, there will be no serious problem.
  6. regularity: how to get back to the collection of the search engine as soon as possible? Through web logs, we can see the number of spider crawling at a point in time has a peak, according to the strategy of observation, in the rising period add article, after reaching a peak, the snapshot will was put out. Such a peak in the curve more than one, we add the article, the best fixed in a certain peak before, so that the law is strong, the spider will have a regular to grab. If the above several methods used in conjunction with each other can greatly reduce page similarity, to increase the page in the search engine in the integrity of in accordance with the above method, even if you false original, search engine will judge you is original works (this is called integration genius).


Innovation concept



Text spinner plays a part in extending and expanding the original articles .
An article with the passage of time, it will also lose time glory, lost the original with the value. At this time we can reword the original text, the stuff not suitable for the needs of the times things removed, the new concept of modern added. A good a new spun text thus was born. As a formerly used for pottery bottle filled with water, to the modern has no use, then you for it in a bunch of flowers, it becomes the an antique vase, to shine. This is the creative article spinning.

Suggested methods

Both rephrasing  the first and the last paragraph of article to insert keywords and using a text rewriter tool directly  are not scientific. Modify the article before and after the two section, in the previous example has been able to see the flaws, false original tool for the network environment is the production of garbage, will be punished by the search engine. So what exactly is it? Our advice is:

  1. read, find out does not comply with the current background or user requirement text, and delete.
  2. find the literature, to find the current environment in line with the needs of the development of the times or the content of the user, with their own words to add.
  3.  insert the picture, although Baidu does not recognize the contents of the picture, but there is a picture of the user experience to prove the degree of rise.
  4.  highlight the main points, the first important content keywords bold, italic, highlight the main points of the method are.
  5.  improve the chain, in the need to insert the chain to guide readers to understand more deeply the concept of product place into the chain, is also very necessary. Here the chain must be used in need, this is the difference between high quality and cheating.
  6. Copy on the network to copy the phenomenon should be prohibited, and the extension of the original content and development should be advocated. We can not always stop at the original pace of others. We should set up a information editor’s responsibility to explore new ideas, explore new starting point. Together to create a harmonious and civilized network environment.


Difficult to be indexed by search engine


  1.  Paraphrasing traces are too obvious. Simple text spinning just changes parts of the paragraph or changes the order of paragraphs.  As long as others have seen the original article, they will know the content of this article.  The short stay time of natural users will lead search engines to judge it as rubbish content.
  2. the website weight is low. You may envy some big sites rewrite articles by just changing the titles of the  original content, and the rewritten contents are indexed and have a good ranking. But in fact, the most important thing is they have got high weight. A high weighted site gets good rankings for its spun content because of the high weight. Search engines had put a lot of confidence on it. And you are not indexed because your weight is too low.
  3. readability is not high. Many webmaster can don’t know how to analyze the readability, the author give a small coup, that is through the statistical tools to query page retention time, the longer the time that content to the user readable, whereas it is not readable. The search engine will be according to the judge, especially with Baidu site statistics.



Some search engines continued to launch the screening to the original false and re decision mechanism, by modifying the title, the passage rearrangement to website article updated the “original” practice more and more suffer from search engine left out in the cold. Article rewriting is a capture and tampering with the fruits of labor of others behavior, and  is not a permanent solution.
Today in the search engine algorithm more accurate, first of all is key words in the article, is the core vocabulary, core vocabulary similar to 70% above, will be put into spun article screening database, followed by the text, search engine is so powerful that it can analyze your text similarity, even if you made any changes, the order had replaced, all to no avail, the more powerful is false original screening database will be on all the vocabulary and text for contrast discrimination, words similarity of 80% will be judged as rewritten content.
A variety of search engines  punish heavily on content produced by article rewriter tools. Websites may drop their ranks, or lose their index, or just  de-indexed by SE thoroughly. Global search engine intelligent era has arrived, the time using article rewriter tool to rank on  search engine has passed.

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