How to set up DMARC record?

Even after you set up a SPF record and a DKIM record, your email may also be rejected or delivered to junk box if you did not set up a DMARC DNS record. How to add a DMARC record in DNS?

  • go to your domain registrar, create a TXT record.
  • fill _dmarc in the host name field
  • fill v=DMARC1; p=none; fo=1;; in the value field of the txt record

Let’s explain a bit about how DMARC works. If an email service provider such as receives an email from your domain, it will check the domain’s SPF record and DKIM record. If SPF check or DKIM check fails, it also checks your domain’s DMARC record. If it finds a p=reject tag in the DMARC record, it will reject the email. If it finds a p=quarantine in the DMARC record, it will quarantine the email. If you are sending bulk emails, you won’t want it to reject or quarantine your emails. So you should put p=none policy in the DMARC record. fo=1 means when either SPF or DKIM check fails, the email server will report to you. fo=0(default) means only when both SPF check and DKIM check fail does an email server report to you. How do mailbox providers report to you? They will send emails to those email addresses listed in rua=mailto:xxxx and ruf=mainto:yyy.



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