How to spin articles to get high quality content?

We all know that the original article for the a site is like air for human beings. After all, the search engine likes original articles more. But it is difficult to write mass articles due to the limitation of our writing ability and ideas. Most of our bloggers are grassroots, and have not so much experience. Even if their work is related to article composition, they may only write a few original articles occasionally.

Moreover, search engine will think duplicate content does not bring  value. If a blog site lists a  large number of reproduced content, it will be considered as  not much value, which leads to reduce weight, ultimately affect the keywords ranking.

How to rewrite articles with high quality?

Writing original content for the whole site is difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to master some rewriting skills to spin content, in order to make the search engine think our article is the original, so as to improve the inddex. So what are the skills to spin articles?
First, the article title rephrasing skills

1, equivalent replacement method

For example, how to do equivalent replacement for  this article “how to write a high level of spun article” ? In fact, we only need synonyms or reorder of the title keywords  to achieve the equivalent substitution, you can reword it to “Skills to spin high quality articles”, “five tips to improve quality of the rewritten articles” and so on. The title of the article is changed, but the overall meaning has not changed, this has reached the original purpose of  text spinning.

2, text spinning method

We can do some work on the title or some of the sentence paraphrase, such as the increase in doubt, rhetorical question, contrast, metaphor, and other techniques, and the original title perfect combination, to increase the impact of the title of the title. Such as “five techniques to improve the quality of spun article” can be changed to “five skills can really improve the quality of the rewritten content?””
Two, the article content rephrasing skills

1, rewrite the beginning of the article

Be familiar with the beginning of the text, then according to your own understanding and site keywords, use your own words to rewrite a new beginning of this article. This is the so-called makeover, used to  let the search engine think this article is the original article.

2, properly insert anchor text in the text

For the role of anchor text we should all know, here is not to say. In the process of rewriting an article,  it  should be appropriate to ass some of the anchor text link. We should lean from Lou loose for this. Every piece of his articles have several anchor text links, and also look not to come out is deliberately.

3, a new article with new pictures

I personally like to add the article some related pictures. After all, most of the time a figure wins a thousand words, but also improve click-thru rate of the articles. Although the search engine can not understand the contents of the picture, but we can set the image by setting the ALT property to make the search engine has a new feeling, so that our article is a new original article.

4, Rearrange paragraphs

This is relatively simple, in fact, is to change some of the paragraphs from one place to another, e.g., swap positions of  the title of this article to modify the skills and content modification skills. However, this method has some limitations, that is, not all of the articles are suitable for this method, such as some of the order of the article, such as the computer boot steps. So we use this method, be sure to see the contents of the article, while the use of the process do not affect the original reading.

5, Add a summary to the revised article

In this step, the rewriting work has been almost completed. This time we only need to modify the article to add a small summary.
Through the above techniques for rewriting articles, to this, a high quality of rephrased articles have been freshly baked. In fact, there are article spinning skills, but we don’t have too much time. Mastering the most basic of these points is enough. Content rewriting  is a meticulous work. We need to carefully read the original, the intention to carry out artistic processing, so as to get a high level of spun article.
Warm tip:  the purpose of text spinning is to reduce repetition  for the search engine, but not to change the meaning of the original content dramatically. If so, we would  spend too much time and energy, also change rewriting  into creation. So we suggest that we should grasp the degree of article spinning, we must grasp the degree.

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