Leaky Paywall Review

This Zeen Leaky Paywall plugin is like the Pay For Post plugin that can sell subscription for your wordpress site.

After installing the plugin, you can go to Leaky Paywall/Settings/Payments to set the Paypal/Stripe information.  There is no more thing to set up.

Then, go to post editor. At the right side, set the Leaky Paywall Visibility for the post. The default is “obey Leaky Paywall’s defaults”, which means the post is not protected. Change it to “only be visible to Digital Access”. “Digital Access” is an already existed subscription level. Then a visitor not subscribed to “Digital Access” won’t see the post content. Instead, the content of the post is covered by a box saying “Subscribe or log in to read the rest of this content.” The visitor needs to pay via PayPal or stripe and create an account to see the post content.

Apart from Paypal and Stripe, you can download Leaky Paywall – WooCommerce to use other payment gateways that WooCommerce supports. After installing this plugin, there would be a box at the bottom of the Leaky Paywall/Settings/Subscriptions page to let you select a WooCommerce product(you need to create the product first), i.e., associate a WooCommerce product with the subscription level. Then visitors can purchase the product(meanwhile register a wordpress account) and become a Leaky Paywall subscriber.


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