Pay For Post WordPress Plugin

To sell the posts on your WordPress site, you can try this wordpress plugin. It associates a post with a woocommerce product. A visitor cannot see the content of the post until he pays for the product.

Pay For Post supports woocommerce 3.0.2 or later which needs WordPress 4.4.0 or later.

To monetize a post, you need to create a WooCommerce product first, then go to your post editor, under the editor, you will see a “Pay For Post with WooCommerce” section where you can select a product to bind to this post. That is all.

If a visitor want to access the post, he will see:

Oops, Restricted Content

We are sorry but this post is restricted to folks that have purchased this page.

There lists the WooCommerce product underneath. The visitor can add the product to the cart, view the cart, fill the billing information(meanwhile create a wordpress account on your site), then checkout.

The administrator can go to the wordpress dashboard to see the order under WooCommerce menu. The administrator can mark the order as completed. Then, the buyer can log in the site to see the content of the post that is associated with the product he bought.


The pitfalls of the Pay For Post  plugin is:

  • Visitors must registered an account when purchasing the product. You should change the woocommerce setting to force registration at checkout.
  • Visitors cannot see any content of protected posts before buying, i.e., the post content is not partially hidden but entirely locked.


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