S2Member tutorial

S2member is a wordpress plugin for paid membership/content management. You need a way to sell your posts on WordPress. Through s2member, visitors must pay via a payment gateway like paypal before they can register an account on your website, or see the content of your posts. s2member has 4 membership levels(level 1 t0 level 4) plus a free membership level(level 0). You can also sell your post content without the need of registration, i.e., visitor pays via paypal then is redirected to the post content.

How to install s2member?

You can login your wordpress dashboard, click plugins/Add new, input “s2member” to search the plugin, then click “install” to install it on your website.

How to set up/Configure s2member?

You should create two pages first: a “Login Welcome Page” where registered users see when they log in, a “Membership Options Page” which displays some information and a checkout button, if visitors access a post they have no privileges to see, they will be brought to this page, and they can click the checkout button to pay via a payment gateway such as paypal.

Then, you need to click s2Member/Paypal Options to fill the information about your paypal account. S2Member only supports paypal business account. Then you can click s2Member/Paypal Options/Paypal IPN Integration to get the IPN URL and copy it to your Paypal account.

Then you should click click s2Member/Paypal Buttons to copy the button code to the “Membership Options Page”  page you just created.

How to use s2member?

After configuring s2member, you can use it when composing your post/pages. Just select an appropriate “Post Level Restriction” on the right of the post editor to protect the post.

Or, you can go to s2member/Restriction Options to restrict access based on post ids/page ids.


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