How to make a movie using OBS studio?

On youtube, you can see numerous splendid movies. You may never dare to think you can create a movie yourself, as well. After all, making a movie seems a very complicated task. You may hear of expensive software/tools to create movies. Even you can afford one, it seems very difficult for you to learn how to use it. Some colleges set up departments to teach how to make a movie using software. There, it may cost you several years to understand the profound video creation terminology, master the skills of making movies, and finally become a movie expert.  Another problem about creating videos is that you need actors, at least yourself as an actor. Many people do not want to expose their faces on the Internet. Some movies are created by recording your computer screen, this eliminating the need for an actor. However, screen capturing software often produces large video files, and it captures whole screen with content you may not want to include in your video.

But if I tell you there is a simple tool to create a simple movie, you do not need to pay for it, it will take several minutes to know the full steps to create a clip composed of video/audio/photo, it does not need an actor/actress,  are you eager to give it a try? This clip creation tool is called OBS studio. I’ll teach you how to create a movie in minutes using OBS studio.

Before you make a film, you should know some key concepts in OBS studio. In OBS studio, a movie is also called a scene. In our case, a scene is composed of a media source(a audio clip), a photo, a browser. Click the media source in the sources tab, you can specify the audio file on your PC. Click the photo in the sources tab, you can browse and select a photo file on your PC. Click the browser in the sources tab, you can specify a url. After specifying the audio/photo/browser, you will see all three elements are mixed on the middle main window: the browser opens the url, the photo is overlaid on the webpage displayed on the browser, the audio is played in background. Now you can click the “start to record” button to begin to record the movie. During recording, you can right-click on the main window and click “interact” to interact on your browser, e.g, click a link on the web page to navigate to another webpage,etc, as you usually do on the normal browser. What is displayed and changed on the browser is being recorded in the movie, together with the playing audio. Finally, you can click “stop recording” to cease recording the movie. You may wonder how to save the movie to file? In fact, you do not need to click a “Save to” button. You can safely exit OBS studio now. The created movie is automatically stored in the user/videos/ directory. This is an mp4 format file, which you can upload to youtube for watching.

The best part of this video making technology is that the video only displays the browser’s view, not even the menu/toolbar of traditional browsers. No other content on your computer screen is recorded in the movie. The produced video is highly compressed(you can choose the compression format mp4 or flv, and the frame rate,etc. to balance the quality and file size.)

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